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Pinon and cedar are the heart, the essence of any true taste of this land.
Brothers of the HighDesert.

Pinon is a small pine tree that produces an edible nut that fed Earth’s creatures from its first nuts

and humans later when they inhabited this land. The pinon tree roots itself at 7000 to 9000 feet.

It can be over 150 years old and have only a six inch diameter at the trunk level. Its the only tree

on Earth with a bird named after it, the Pinon Jay. The tree produces a resin that is its signature

sweet smell.

Cedar the brother to Pinon, growing at the same elevation and lower. Its purplish, blue berries are

actually cones which are food for wildlife. Like the pinon it can be hundreds of years old and yet

retains a small stature. Its leaf and berry have a fresh, lively aroma that spirits the soul.

Taos Pinon Company was formed in 2016 to grant everyone the chance to experience
New Mexico no matter where they dwell.
The lotion and soaps are scented with an oil created to duplicate the aroma of the two majestic trees, as well as a Lavender scent to add a floral variety for the customer to enjoy.